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Cheese Grader : Midnight Moon

October 6, 2010
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No matter what level of healthy eating I’m aiming for at any given moment, the one food I’ve never been able to give up is cheese. For awhile now I’ve been thinking I need to keep a cheese journal, or at least a record of cheeses I try, so that I can refer to it to remember a cheese that paired well with something, or to have better direction as to what I’m in the mood for when I walk into a busy cheese shop. And so begins “Cheese Grader.”

Lately Scott and I have been mildly obsessed with Gouda. A cheese we both thought we didn’t really like, until we discovered that one of our favorite cheeses, Beemster, was in fact, a Gouda. Before Beemster, the only Gouda we’d really known was smoked, which isn’t all that much to our liking. Sure, smoked cheeses have their moments, but I prefer mine to taste unaffected. Either fresh or aged or somewhere in between, but not cooked.

On a recent trip to Chestnut Hill, we motorcycled by the cheese shop, to which I demanded we visit. Of course I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood to get, but decided we were torn between a goat and a gouda (kind of like a rock and a hard place).  To our surprise the cheesemonger pointed us to Midnight Moon, which he described as a “Goat Gouda!” Fabulous! Here’s my review.

Midnight Moon

Texture: Semisoft, slight grain, milky
Taste: Nutty, earthy, with a slight and delightful goaty taste
Pairing: The Hamptons Honey Company Raw Creamed Spring Blossom Honey
Overall Grade: B+
While this was a delicious cheese and fantastic accompaniment to the sweetness of the honey, it didn’t knock my socks off. I would definitely buy it again as it was a great mix of the gouda nuttiness that Scott loves and the goaty taste and creamy texture that I love. A fabulous compromise and satisfying choice.


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