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Memorable Movie Food Scenes: Holiday Edition

December 21, 2010


Its the final countdown to the day we wait for eagerly all year. We bake cookies, listen to the same handful of Christmas songs over and over, spend way too much money on gifts, mentally prepare ourselves for some quality family time, and most importantly, finally get to watch our favorite Christmas movies! Here’s my short list of memorable food scenes in some of my favorite Christmas films.

Elf: Who could forget the four food groups? Candy, candycanes, candycorn, syrup! I’m pretty sure Buddy the Elf covered all these groups in his sugar-overloaded breakfast. I sure wish I had an elf’s metabolism!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Not much of a drool-worthy scene, but memorable in the sense that to this day my family still calls roast beef, “roast beast.”

A Christmas Story: How do piggies eat? Like this! How do kids learn proper table manners and nutrition? Most definitely not like this.

The Family Stone: I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this movie, but I know I still laugh at this climactic scene, where an embarrassed Sarah Jessica Parker tries to carry both strata out of the fridge, only to be hit with the swinging door, setting off a hilarious string of slips, slides, beautiful people covered in egg, and ultimately, the Christmas turkey falling with the rest of dinner, onto the floor as the table collapses. A Christmas-colored win for classic slapstick.

A Muppet Family Christmas: Another of my family’s favorites, I watched this one religiously growing up. And yes, my family still cannot say the word “turkey” without mimicking the Swedish Chef’s “Gobbledy gobbledy tourkeey.” Nerds.


Anyway, here’s to Christmas movies and endless Christmas eatings! I’ll most likely be taking a break from the blogosphere while I’m back home on Long Island, where Mom rules the kitchen and the food goes faster than I can photograph! Happy Holidays to all my hungry readers!

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