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New York’s Best Soups

January 6, 2011

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that Scott and I end most of our weeks with Friday Night Pho at Pho Hoa. Yes, its a franchise, but its also souper delicious, souper close to our house, and souper affordable. Not to get on a rant, but we did try the nearby Le Viet which seems to be going for a more upscale Vietnamese vibe- and let me tell you, it was pretty disappointing. Nowhere near the sizeable portions at Pho Hoa, no selection of condiments found at most soup joints, and finally, the food was a big let down. Moral of the story: we’re sticking with our $10.00 dinners south of Washington Ave.

So now that you understand our love for pho and Asian soups in general (When I’m feeling sick all I want is Tom Yum!), you can imagine how excited I was when my taste buds stumbled across this mouth-watering slideshow, of New York’s 38 best soups. Unfortunately I’m not in New York nearly enough to try all of these soups, but damn! They sure have me dreaming…

Check out the slideshow at Grubstreet!

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