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Food has always been a big part of my life. Growing up with a foodie mom who has always impressed me with her cooking abilities has been a big inspiration. I’ve never been a picky eater, and will try anything once! Even foods I used to think I hated (cilantro, oysters, smoked barbecue), I’ve come to love!

I love spending my time pouring over recipes, shopping for just the right ingredients (and trying new and interesting ones), and cooking up delicious meals and treats. I’m always looking for ways to make indulgent food a little healthier, and have even completely overhauled my idea of what’s healthy by going Paleo! Weekends spent perfecting the art of piping frosting and learning how to make French macarons have taken a backseat to trying new types of meat (Yak!), sugar-free condiments, and absolutely loving all the delicious and wholesome real fat I get to cook with! Of course, once in awhile an occasion rolls around that calls for sugary celebration, so no need to fret! There will be cupcakes. 

So stick around, and I hope you get hungry and inspired!

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